Goville Sakazakashi at Melinas 

" Bonnie"
01.11.1988 - 

Patella Grade - Pass
Height 34 CM
KCBVA Eye Examination  - Clear

Crufts Qualifed for KCJO Stakes 1990 1991 1992

KC Inbreeding Coefficeint 0.0% due to her mother being an import from Japan. 
Breeder Miss Elsie Gover MBE - Goville Kennel - UK

This was a picture from our local newspaper

Here we won the JCKO Stakes class at Southern Counties - Judge Mr Harry Jordan 
Bonnie was only 7 months

Bonnie was a great Junior Handling dog we had many great experiences in the handling ring.

Junior Handling Semi finals - Age 6-11yrs - 1st to 3rd - Judge - Mr A Wright