Judging in the UK and FCI Shows 

I had my very first judging appointment at Peterborough and District Canine society in 1993. I had 3 classes of Japanese Spitz with an entry of 16 dogs. I was only 15 years old, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. Ive had a lot of support from the Japanese Spitz exhibitors and complying with the new Kennel Club seminars that where required, I was passed to give CC`s. My first CC appointment was at the British Utility Breeds Association in 2005

I have been honoured to judge The Japanese Spitz Club of Finland in 2007, following the FCI rules and grading system. And the Japanese Spitz Club open show in 2000.

I`m looking forward to judging the Northern Japanese Spitz Club Championship show in July of 2015 and Crufts Japanese spitz in 2018.

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Seminars Passed

Kennel Club - Confirmation and Movement with Christina Chapman

kennel Club - Requirement of a dog show judge with Mary Deats

The Japanese Spitz Club - Written and Hands on assessment 

The Japanese Spitz Club of Finland 2007 Best Puppy In Show

East of England show 2009 - Best puppy in Breed