History page

By Nadia

I remember when I first saw the this wonderful breed, I was in the later years of my primary school at my local dog training. Possibly not the most popular place in the 1980`s to find a Spitz. There was something about him I just loved, so I asked my mum if I could have a puppy, at this time I was showing her shelties so she new it wasn't a five minute wonder and I promised that I would do everything for this puppy included bathing her, feeding, walking and all the cleaning. The puppy I saw that evening was just 16 weeks old and like a fluffy teddy he was so lovely, his name was Micki.

My Mum and Dad agreed that I could have a puppy, but (and there's always a but) it was to be my joint birthday and Christmas present so I wasn't to ask father Christmas for much more. After waiting what seemed to be forever, We went to see a litter of puppies, of which the puppy that I saw at training was the father to the litter of five. One dog and four bitches all colour coded in nail varnish. After a few hours of looking at the puppies and laughing at there funny tricks I chose my puppy, I liked the dog - but he was sadly already sold. I chose my bitch puppy with no adults help at all, that was so great. I chose the pink bitch and called her Bonnie. I was now the proud owner of my first Japanese Spitz that was all mine.

On the way home it was getting late. We had along way to go and we all needed to have something to eat, so we decided on fish and chips, Bonnie had not long had her food but we ended up going half's on my fish, she loved it (don't tell my mum) and our bond between us started.

When I was showing Bonnie in the Junior Handling classes I would sometimes come across a boy showing a Dobermann, he was older then me. When explaining to my mum who won the older class I would say that Dobermann boy! That Dobermann boy, after many handling classes in the UK and Europe and years later I married - Spencer the Dobermann boy.